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The conversations he had with that decoy profile follow.

The following conversation was held a day prior, by another contributor: (08/22/06 AM): oh let me check crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i *had* a bunch on myspace and they got deleted, i think crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): ive got better pics tho..i can change my prof i guess crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): can u add more pics in the prof?

Of the 25, time would show that Maurice Wolin, a cancer researcher, was one of the more memorable individuals.

He and his "celebutorney" tried during the 2 year legal process to have this thrown out on a variety of grounds, but were rebuffed each time.

crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): lol crazy_frazy2005 (08/22/06 AM): i have a better pic.

Over 25 individuals arrived at the sting house for an operation that was broadcast on Dateline, NBC.Newly-arrived Allie Westbrook (Tammin Sursok) meets a pair of ex-pats, Michael and Marit, who perform on a provocative interactive website.The dark menace beneath Michael's easy charm and the strange magnetism of the group's leader, Marit, drive Allie to the brink of madness.Due to the above conversation, I had cut Wolin short when he hit up my profile.At that point, I got out of the conversation to consult with the original decoy contributor he hit up to see how far the conversation between them had gone.

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