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Entry Requirements: Passengers traveling abroad require a passport valid for six months beyond their travel dates.

On Taobao I’ve bought things that would be difficult or impossible to find anywhere else in China – a Japanese coffee grinder, Sriracha hot sauce, Hormel bacon, and much more.

I have mine set up to show current US Consulate data for Chengdu pollution as it compares to Beijing and Guangzhou.

On days that it’s really bad, I think twice about cycling across the city.

You should exercise caution when purchasing items on Taobao, but I have never had a problem after purchasing from dozens of vendors.

Search results can be organized by “reputation” (rén qì 人气) and there are numerous buyer-protection systems present on Taobao.

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While sailing with Victoria or Century Cruises, passengers are subject to the cruise line’s Terms & Conditions which can be viewed at: Victoria Cruises Passage Contract or Century Cruises Passage Contract Accommodation Details: Victoria Cruise cabins on Sunday Departures cannot comfortably accommodate 3 people; therefore, our triple adult and twin with child pricing reflects the additional cost of an upgrade to Executive Suite.

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