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Webb, you can tell what’s in a person’s heart by what comes out of their mouth? Besides obvious hypocrisy, the problem with people like Webb is after they’ve milked the church for fame and money, their pride and arrogance comes out of the closet in their trashy music.Webb’s philosophy resembles the gay christian/political movement’s claims about the bible and homosexuality.When Caedmon signed our first deal, as a songwriter, for me, I was poor as poor gets.When I started to make money, I had to go open a bank account and I realized that I was going to be able to support myself, that this is actually a job that I could do. I remember several moments along the way where it was dawning on me that I was going to be able to do this for the rest of my life. The dream now is to make a sustainable wage being blue-collar, learning how to find your tribe and make art that resonates with them.While screaming loudly that homosexuality isnt important, they berate, sue and threaten people who wont accept it. His ideology is a rehashed version of gay lie “Jesus said nothing about homosexuality”.

Caedmon got its start playing at a lot of colleges.I feel like even if you're intention is to evangelize and do ministry, it's smarter to not put a category on something before people even have a chance to hear it or experience it.That might alienate them and keep them from even wanting to give it a try in the first place, especially if they might really love it.But I think that art is not at its best use when it's being used as a tool to do something else.The entire first chapter of the Bible is our marveling at God for making all things out of nothing. It's the first attribute we learn of His in the Bible; He's creative.

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