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In 1937, while attending the Institute for Red Professorship in Moscow, Torekul was arrested and eventually liquidated on charges of bourgeois nationalism.Between 19, Aitmatov was assistant to the Secretary of the Sheker Village Soviet.(1967), The First Teacher (1967), The White Ship (1972), The Ascent of Mt.Fuji (1973), and The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years (1980), which intertwines a treatment of ordinary people of Central Asia with a science fiction plot of space stations, aliens, and new planets.She grew up in Tsarskoe Selo where she attended school, completing her final year at Fundukleyevskaya gymnasia in Kiev (1907).The same year she enrolled at the Faculty of Law at the Kiev College for Women, later withdrawing to study literature in St. In 1903 Akhmatova met the poet Nikolai Gumilyov whose persistent wooing led to their marriage in 1910. In Paris Akhmatova became friendly with the yet unknown artist Modigliani who drew her as Egyptian queens and dancers.In 1967 he became a member of the Executive Board of the Soviet Writers Union, and in 1968 he won the Soviet State Prize for literature for his novel Farewell, Gulsary!

During her forced silence Akhmatova applied herself to the investigation of the life and works of Pushkin, producing some seminal articles published posthumously under the title On Pushkin (O Pushkine).

In the 1990s, he served as an advisor to Gorbachev and in 1990 was named Soviet Ambassabor to Luxemburg.

His most important works include: A Difficult Passage (1956), Face to Face (1957), Farewell, Gulsary!

He also criticizes bias, the mullahs, lack of access to education for women, treatment of women as commodities, and polygamy. The title character, a married village woman, falls in love with another man while her husband (who treats her more as an object of ownership than an object of love) is off at the front.

In the end, the lovers run off together, abandoning their village and the traditional conventions.

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