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By day, she's a social worker in Sao Paulo's impoverished lower-class neighborhoods, but by night, she parties with her sister in Sao Paulo's night spots.

(Emphasis on the former.)The sister of Lisa Punchinello, wife to Angelo Punchinello, head of New York's largest crime family.He and his gang kidnap Fabiana Branco in the hopes of collecting a hefty ransom from her wealthy husband.Carrie Bradshaw convinced me to get my first bikini wax.Hunts Max throughout the first game while he's undercover and is his immediate superior in the second. A charming Russian crime boss that comes to Max's aid in the first game, they engage in an Enemy Mine circumstance, Max freeing up a shipment of Russian arms for him in exchange for the firepower to fight Punchinello.He's a deputy chief in the first game, and a lieutenant in the second, presumably getting promoted for his hand in bringing Max in and handling the bodies he left behind. In the second game Vlad claims to have gone straight and is opening a night club, Vodka, but is obviously not as clean as he likes to claim.

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She betrayed the Inner Circle and attempts to seize New York for herself with the aid of the Punchinello crime family and the designer drug, Valkyr.

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