Hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating websites

Our goal is to create a diverse, extensive Dai Mao fanfic archive over time, using all the stories that you send to us during event periods...

Now you might be asking "so far so good, but how is this going to work????

So Chuoi and I told Elle that we would go to the receptionist to ask the time, and to see Dai Mao too. We met Dai Mao on the way going to the receptionist. He heard that, turned his head towards me, and smiled, replied “Oyasumi”.

Meaw and Joy pretended to chat with their cell phone because they didn’t want Mao to think that they didn’t let him a free moment.

After a long long time walking up and down, there were still no one speaking to him, Mao got upset and press the elevator to go downstairs. Besides, he would know that we (five of us) didn’t follow him to his floor. They looked brighter than the character in The prince part 1.

The elevator which is nearest to us opened, Dai Mao walked out. Finally, Dai Mao went back to the hall, stood in a distance about 1.5 meter from our place.

But we couldn’t see them clearly because they stood behind a big pillar. Then they moved to the main hall, continued to talk to each other.

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Mao started to walk up and down the passage-way near them.

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