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In the stillness and the darkness, realization soon began to supplement knowledge.

“Other Arthur legend fanatics are dubious, wondering what elephants have to do with the round table – and if Merlin and Guinevere are in the story (editor’s note: they’re not).On top of that, the film’s palette is horribly murky throughout, as if the only colours available were shades of grey or beige.And it suffers from an overload of dodgy-looking CGI, to the point where it frequently feels like you’re watching someone play a bargain basement video game.Many moviegoers are saying the film looks a little manic, and doesn’t seem to have settled on whether it’s a straight action-adventure, a prequel to the Arthur legend, or some new, bizarre take on the myth.Still, it’s worth mentioning that Charlie Hunnam gets plenty of discussion.” On social, had help from David Beckham, who appears in the movie as Trigger (everyone knows Trigger from the King Arthur legend, right? Stars Hunnam and Jude Law are not socially activated, a complete promotional disadvantage for a movie that costs this much. (Answer: He’s in Paramount’s during Memorial Day weekend.) To make up for their hole on social, Law and Hunnam did this promo for Comedy Central which drew 1.5M views.

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