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[Matthew | Screenshot | Download] Dana is a simple, skinnalbe IRC client. It does let you store a number of servers, and even has a favorites list. The skinning format is pretty simple and straight forward.

It's actually been around for a fair amount of time, but not many have heard of it. It also connects to you favorite channel on launch, and the icon blinks if there is not connection. One odd thing is that the images have to be in a folder with a extension.

Frets on Fire Portable Mods (skins) Songs More Songs In Other News No not truly skinnable, but very original, there is also Jooleem.

If those kinds of apps are too much for you, then you many have found yourself an IRC client.SHA checksum failed(we should either delete it or choose a fixed version), Installer worked, but the program immediately crashes and makes a crash dump, and keeps doing it over and over.(date 2015-12-13) Black_Fox: works fine, attached an ext4 volume and successfully retrieved a file.Installation works just fine, and so does running Hx D. May need more testing, so correct this if Hx D encounters any problems. Installation works just fine, an Inkscape process is created on execution, but after 11 minutes of waiting on my end, the program still has not started.Process maxes out the CPU's workload, so could possibly just be a Virtual Machine issue.

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Marked as failed for now.(Vort: 0.48.5 works fine) reactosfanboy: download does not start, guess rapps link is dead, the same for irfanview plugins (2015-12-18), (previous test mentioned:"Need mfc42to run installer.

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