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Kazue Nagahori TV show clip of Dump and Bull beating up teenage Crush Gal fans in their bedroom 1/17/88 Dump press conference announcing retirement; brief clip of 85 hair match; Chigusa Nagayo Sings variety show clip of Atsushi Onita and Crush Gals cerca 1985 Yumiko Hotta & Mitsuko Nishiwaki vs. Smiley Mami The Traitor & Dirty Yamamoto & Maiko Tsurugi vs. A good finishing segment helped save the underachieving match. **1/4 Tokyo Cable Network Cup All Star Battle Royal .

Drill Driver & Pirate Kuma Yumi Ogura & Chigusa Nagayo vs. Oscal Tomo & Esther Moreno & Plum Mariko Mika Muramoto (sp? The combatants were Devil Masami, Shinobu Kandori, Eagle Sawai, Plum Mariko, Miss A, Cuty Suzuki, Mayumi Ozaki, Moon Ayako, Yuki Ito, Harley Saito, Smiley Mami, Oscar Tomo, Dirty Yamato, Yukari Osawa, & Sachiko Koganei.

Sato realizes she's swelling up pretty badly under the eye from that 1st jab & just walks out.

Kandori works an Americana without body control then when she mounts she disrespectfully slaps Sato in the face a few times & lets her up.

It's hard to tell if Sato is just that bad or still isn't taking this seriously as she's still just rolling around & giving up position as though it's the usual work.

For instance, Kandori just gets down in an amateur wrestling bottom position & tells Sato to take the top.

She basically tries to work from something of a 5 or 10 finger guillotine position without really understanding how to apply any leverage to make either choke work, never lifting to put upwards pressure on Kandori's neck & not understanding how to get body control to drop into a guillotine, so she either just kinda flops to her back on her own or because she's done nothing to impede Kandori from pressing forward & locking her up.

Sato, though returning from a 5 year forced retirement to form JWP, was still arguably the biggest star in the history of women's fake fighting, so Kandori was likely immediately dubious of her opponent for her debut match on 8/17/86, but her problem with Sato seems to have stemmed from Sato injuring her eye.

She had the real fighters mentality & was immediately disrespectful of pro wrestling, humbly stating in her debut that she would beat Dump Matsumoto in 10 seconds, which immediately set her up as a heel (even though Dump obviously wasn't a fan favorite she'd earned the respect of all the wrestling fans by running over their heroes).

Sato tells her to bring it, and it's really a weird atmosphere because Kandori is shooting on her, but she also doesn't take Sato the least bit seriously because she's so much stronger & basketball didn't provide Sato with a self defense background, so it's very much a disrespectful arrogant taunt where Sato is made to pay for not having any legit skills.

Sato gives her a what's up with that kind of look when she gets up, but Kandori answers with a legit jab under Sato's eye to start a combo of real punches, some getting through, some avoided.

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This, of course, feeds into the preexisting problem, & makes Kandori more apt to retaliate when Sato actually connects with something. Rumi Kamama & Xochilt Hamada & Harley Saito Smiley Mami vs. Mika Handa Mayumi Ozaki & Dirty Yamato & Sachiko Koganei vs.

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