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“To find out [“The Dating Game Killer”] was going to be ID’s first scripted movie, I felt really proud and wanted to do an extra good job in the role.It was definitely a draw for me in choosing to do this movie,” Diaz says.But having that information about his family, which we touch on in the film, that helped me stay grounded.Did you talk to Rodney or his family or victims’ families to understand him further?Hopefully people will come away feeling satisfied that he got what he deserved.And the fact that it was one of his victims responsible for that will give people some sort of hope and satisfaction, for lack of a better word.

There is so much information available about Rodney Alcala and his crimes today.

The hardest scenes were with the young children, like the opening scene with the little girl.

You don’t really see much, but just having to shoot those scenes with this little girl and wondering what she really knows.

It’s not going to help my performance, but if anything, he might get off on the idea of us making a movie about him.

I also didn’t want to talk to the victims’ families.

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At first I asked the producers if I could meet Rodney himself.

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