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You can say in your best bedroom voice, “Will you spank me next time you push? ” He’ll be surprised—and probably thrilled—while you’ll get turned on by the rise in adrenaline!

The kink: Sex toys Why it’s hot: Introducing sex toys into the bedroom can be a little intimidating for men —he may think you’re dissing his manhood!

“It's also scientifically proven that the sound of a female having an orgasm turns everyone on, regardless of gender or sexual orientation,” says Sonjia.

How to do it: Log on to a free porn site like and pick a video that you both agree on (you can read reviews and go by star-ratings).

How to do it: When your guy starts to finger you, whisper in his ear, “I love when you touch me there, but we have a new game for tonight: I can touch me, but you can’t.” Your initiative will turn him on and watching you finish might even getting you both ready for round two.

The kink: Having sex in public Why it’s hot: Breaking out of your sex routine creates new energy and chemistry—plus, you’ll have to work together not to get caught, and work fast to reach climax.

If you’re walking, look for a hidden area off the street and make it fast.

Even more: “If you know how to satisfy yourself, you can show your partner how to hit your hot spots, which will improve sexual satisfaction for both,” Sonjia says.

“You can make spanking even more fun by encouraging your guy to also lightly pull your hair,” Marin says.

“Even if he’s gentle, you’ll still feel a rush from the added stimulation.”How to do it: Next time he’s behind you in bed, lean back and tell him that you want him to lightly spank you.

Hot sex plays a major role in the story; there are other themes too.

The sex gets detailed, hot, wet, sloppy, and sometimes repetitive; that's real life.

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